Diamond Ambassador

2015 Top Awards

Congratulations to our top award winners announced at Convention 2015!

Presidential Award of Excellence: Sheryl Morley

The Presidential Award of Excellence is hand selected by the President and CEO and is awarded to the distributor who most notably reflects the core values of Youngevity including honor, integrity, leadership, loyalty and compassion.

Trainers of the Year: Scott & Juliette Fardulis

This award goes to the distributor who has shown extraordinary dedication, in terms of training and communication, to Youngevity field organizations regardless of downline affiliation. 

Rookie of the Year: Rhonda Anderson

This award goes to the distributor who exhibits extraordinary growth within their first year as a Youngevity distributor by following the Youngevity simple system.

Rebound Award: Susan Resner

This award goes to a distributor who has shown determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. This award is named in honor of NBA All Star, Theo Ratliff, to honor his determination to overcome the adversity he faced in his life.

Circle of Excellence: Raymond & Yolanda Brown

The Circle of Excellence Club is a group of distributors who have distinguished themselves with their efforts to train, motivate, encourage and support others—regardless of their downline affiliation.

Circle of Excellence: Richard Renton

The Circle of Excellence Club is a group of distributors who have distinguished themselves with their efforts to train, motivate, encourage and support others—regardless of their downline affiliation.

Circle of Excellence: Ken & Elayne Smith

The Circle of Excellence Club is a group of distributors who have distinguished themselves with their efforts to train, motivate, encourage and support others—regardless of their downline affiliation.

Circle of Excellence: Rich Stocks

The Circle of Excellence Club is a group of distributors who have distinguished themselves with their efforts to train, motivate, encourage and support others—regardless of their downline affiliation.

Ambassador Status

Please note: this list is updated the 20th of each month with the previous month's rank advancements.  

*Ambassadors: Tom & Denice Chenault

Denice and Tom Chenault ARE Youngevity. They don’t do it part time or full time…they do Youngevity ALL the time. Tom has had a varied and colorful past. From restaurateur to airplane salesman to stock broker he has done it all.


*Ambassador: Sheryl Morley

Sheryl grew up in a small Idaho farming community, the oldest of seven children. Her father worked day and night at several jobs earning just enough for the family to survive, and her mother, who was often ill, depended heavily on Sheryl to help care for the other children. 


*Ambassador: Dr. Corey Gold, DDS

Along with being a top-performing distributor for several networking companies, he has been the President of both publicly-traded and privately-held network marketing companies. A noted product formulator, Dr. Gold developed the very popular ProJoba™ flower pollen drink, Pollen Burst®.


5 Star Executive

Please note: this list is updated the 20th of each month with the previous month's rank advancements.

Al Palmiere

Al was born in the heart of the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA, within a tight-knit community known as Bloomfield; “Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.”


Alma & Roberto Lopez

Alma Rosa Lopez was born in Coahuayana, Michoacán, a town in southern Mexico. She is one of eight children. Her parents worked in the fields and could not read or write. At age 17, Alma came to the U.S. looking for a better way of life.


Ashley & Duffy James

New to network marketing, Duffy and Ashley James quickly fell in love with Youngevity after hearing Dr. Glidden explain the many health benefits of science based, clinically verified wholistic nutrition. 


Bertha Rivera

Bertha was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and married early at age 16. Later she moved to California. Before becoming involved with Youngevity she worked in a catering truck and now lately she has been taking care of her mother. “That’s why I joined the company,” says Bertha. “My mother was very sick and I wanted to help her. I soon found out that Youngevity helped people achieve better health and financial freedom. 


Candelaria Ponce

Chris Sanchez

In 1993 Chris helped launch Biometics International, Inc., which owned the exclusive rights to distribute liquid nutritional products utilizing the Biocellular Micellization technology designed for optimum absorption.


Cody McKinley

Cody McKinley is an entrepreneur. He has an extensive background and professional knowledge in direct sales, health & wellness products, public speaking, marketing and advertising. A forever student of personal development, social media and the internet...


De Jesus Esperaza

Dr. Harold & Rene Davis

Dr. Harold Davis and Rene Davis RN have one purpose in life, to inspire people to live to their highest Health, Wealth, and Spiritual Potential. They have dedicated their life to teaching the Success Principles that empower people to recognize the true power that is within them.


Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza

Dr. Luis Arriaza was born in South Central Los Angeles after his parents immigrated to the United States from Central America. At six months of age, Dr. Luis found himself fighting off a near fatal illness that kept him hospitalized for almost a year.


Ernestine Ray

Ernestine is an international educator who has earned an undergraduate degree, 3 master’s degrees, and has participated in two Ph.D. programs (ABD-All But a Dissertation). She spent 12 years working as an educational attaché for the State Department and as a consultant to the Middle States Accreditation Board.


Fidel Ayala & Maria Salazar

Fidel & Maria became acquainted with Youngevity when their oldest daughter learned about the product from her tax accountant. She knew her parents would be interested since they had experience in network marketing and were looking for a business opportunity involving health products. Maria and Fidel got great results from the products right away.


Francisca Salgado

Frankie & Teresa Pulley

The Pulleys have been married 32 years and live in Wendell, North Carolina, but they spend most of their time at their home in Ocean Isle Beach, babysitting a granddaughter and continuing to build their business. 


Hallie Redd

It was “love at first sight” when Hallie first saw a Heritage Makers storybook at a neighbor’s home. Her father-in-law had just passed away and she wanted to keep his memory alive for her young family. She immediately knew that Heritage Makers was the solution...


Hellen Watt

Helen joined Heritage Makers in October 2013 after searching for a top company focused on helping people with their digital pictures. “I was experienced in the memory keeping industry”, says Helen, “and I was confident that the company had the products and tools to help people celebrate their photos. 


Jesse & Flora Martinez

“Our lives have been transformed with Youngevity. Now we have time, freedom, and believe in network marketing. I tell people this business will not be easy, but if they are passionate and follow the system, stay in the lane, and share Dr. Wallach’s message, they will achieve their dreams. If we can do it, so can they!” 


Jimmy Duran

As an electrician, Jimmy Duran never dreamed he would one day be enjoying luxury vacations, car bonuses, fantastic monthly earnings, and meeting lots of wonderful people from all over the U.S. Then he met Dr. Luis Arriaza and everything changed.


Jon Bennett

Jon was involved with Biometics for 12 years before the company was acquired by Youngevity. He loves being part of the Youngevity family because it is so fulfilling to earn an income by genuinely helping other people.


Jonny Steele

Jonny Steele was born in Boise, Idaho, the 5th of 10 children. Being raised on a farm, he learned the importance of health at a young age. In High school he was a skilled wrestler and a promising soccer player.


Joyce Riley

Joyce Riley likes to joke that she broadcasts her daily radio show, The Power Hour, from her home in “nowhere Missouri.” But her rural location doesn’t stop Joyce from sharing her passion with a legion of loyal listeners.


Juan Carlos Flores

Keith Halls

Keith Halls is one of the “most successful persons ever in the history of Network Marketing, having succeeded and done what probably no one has ever done before”. Keith has been an icon in the industry for over 25 years.


Laura Scruby

Laura was born in London, England, lived in Italy from age four, and came to the United States when she was 21. Her mother was from the Northern part of Italy and Laura grew up eating farm-rich food from volcanic soils and enjoying old world cuisine. When she came to the U.S. she was horrified to discover that the common denominator in most foods was grease, salt, sugar, and artificial colorings.


Laurette Willis

Originally from New York City where she was an actor, playwright and improvisational comedienne, Laurette Willis and her husband Paul now live on a ranch they call “The Prayer Farm” in the Ozark Foothills of northeastern Oklahoma.


Lilia Carrillo Vazquez

Lilia was born in Guadalajara, México and is the oldest of 5 children. She has two children and several successful businesses in México. What motivated her to get involved with Youngevity was a desire to help as many people as possible to achieve physical and financial health.


Malina Briggs

Malina is from Hawaii and the mother of five beautiful girls. She became familiar with Youngevity by listening to Dr. Wallach on the Alex Jones Radio Show.  She quickly recognized the wisdom and truth of his message and immediately ordered the 90 For Life products. Malina took the products for two years before she started building her business. 


Marãa Jesus Prieto

Maria Lupita Cazares

Maria Montes

Maria Roybal

Maria had been searching for a good business opportunity when her nephew, Jimmy Duran, introduced her to Youngevity. She was immediately impressed with the power of the Compensation Plan, especially the coding bonuses.


Michelle Van Etten

Michelle has a passion for sharing the benefits of health-giving products and loves to build a “family” of friends and business partners who want to embrace a mission bigger than themselves. No wonder she has thrived in Youngevity!


Miguel Alvaro Fernandez

Myrna Morales

Myrna Morales thought she would be permanently disabled due to osteoporosis. That was before she drove 5 hours from Los Angeles to hear Dr. Wallach speak in St. George, Utah. Intrigued by his message, Myrna started taking Youngevity products, and after just 3 months she was thrilled with the results.


Naseema Shidi

Naseema got started in Youngevity through Ted Anderson of GCN Radio Network, and and Alex Jones. Alex is one of the top hosts of that network who is an active supporter and promoter of Youngevity products.


Octaviano Gonzalez

Peggy Lapsley

Having worked with doctors for 35 years, Peggy is no stranger to the reality that doctors often do not “fix” health problems and that sound nutrition is definitely a better path. Although she had no experience as a network marketer, she decided to quit her full-time employment to begin representing Youngevity—“the Cadillac of mineral companies.”


Ramon y Maricela

Ray & Yolanda Brown

Youngevity added two more dynamic leaders to its “dream team” when Escape International became part of the corporate family. Ray and Yolanda Brown, from Sugarland, Texas, are enthusiastic advocates of fucoidan, which is a sulfated polysaccharide derived from marine plant species.


Rhonda Anderson

In 1987 Rhonda’s family tradition of photo albums sparked the birth of Creative Memories – a company committed to helping people celebrate and preserve photos and stories. One of her greatest joys is helping people with photos, fitness and faith so she was thrilled to join Youngevity...


Robert & Claudia Gonzalez

Roel Alvarez & Maria Arguello

Rosslyn Pacheco

Born and raised in the little town of Waianae, Hawaii, Rosslyn worked as an elementary school teacher before getting involved with Youngevity once Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza introduced her to the company.


Sam Steele

Sam received an early education in health and wellness when he was hired by his cousin, Todd Smith, to help out with some of Dr. Wallach’s speaking tours. He was only 13 years old at the time, but the core message of the importance of plant-derived minerals stuck with him ever since.


Scott & Juliette Fardulis

Scott and Juliette had been on the search for a “great network marketing company,” for some time. They had been involved in lesser opportunities during their search, but then a health challenge four years ago opened their eyes to what Dr. Wallach had to offer the world. That personal experience was a significant turning point for the Fardulis family.


Victoria & Iggy Baran

The Barans became a part of Youngevity when Escape, the company behind the fantastic Zradical product, was folded into the corporation. “I got into the business for the product and to help others,” says Victoria. “The products flat work! If you take them out of the container, it appears to be a sure thing—you get results!


4 Star Executive

Please note: this list is updated the 20th of each month with the previous month's rank advancements. 

廖婕婷, 台南縣, TW

Abdulsater Magid Saint Laurent, QC, CANADA 

Amy Dickerson   Provo, UT,  USA

Arturo Florez Lopez   El Paso, TX, USA

Blanca Castillo  La Habra, CA, USA

Catalina Villatoro Dallas, TX, USA

Cheryl Cormier   Houston, TX,  USA

Dan Chittock  Midvale, UT, USA

Dan Graham   Midvale, UT,  USA

David Gerhardt   Parker, CO,  USA

David Velasco   La Puente, CA,  USA

Deb Bruckschen   Manitowoc, WI,  USA

Diana & Joseph Helo   Simi Valley, CA,  USA

Dilma Rodriguez    Azusa, CA, USA

Dr. Stan Odle   Bridgetown, St Michael,  BARBADOS

Earline Downey   Manitou Springs, CO,  USA

Elaine & George Yancho   Trego, MT,  USA

Envision of Health   Charlotte, NC,  USA

Eugene Mattison   Bowie, MD,  USA

Fred Van Liew   Carrollton, TX,  USA

Georgiana Brogdon   Valdosta, GA,  USA

Heber Broadbent   Hildale, UT,  USA

Ingrid Castillo, Lake Worth, FL, USA

Jaime Olibas    Downey, CA, USA

Janis Esannason  Christiansted, VI, USA

Jenni Smith  Ocoee, FL, USA

Jim Lindl   San Luis Obispo, CA,  USA

Joyce & Wade Cordell   Lexington, SC,  USA

Kendra Graham    Apple Valley, CA, USA

Krista & Scott Andersen   Orem, UT,  USA

Kurt Elder   Pleasant Grove, UT,  USA

Kurt Venekamp   Fort Collins, CO,  USA

Lance Gordon   Glendale, WI,  USA

Larene Williamson   Brandon, MS,  USA

Lee Harris   Erdington, Birmingham,  UNITED KINGDOM

Leo Alva   Chula Vista, CA,  USA

Leonor Peraza   Fresno, CA,  USA

Levi Cabello   Garden Grove, CA,  USA

Lilia Margarita Carrillo   Chihuahua, Chihuahua,  MEXICO

Lisa & Trent Allsup   Herriman, UT,  USA

Lorra Chagares   Stockbridge, GA,  USA




Manuel Gutierrez Moreno  El Paso, TX, USA

Maria Eugenia Robles  Mexico D.F., Mexico

Maria Ibarra   Dinuba, CA,  USA

Maria Montes   Montebello, CA,  USA

Maria Olivares   Santa Paula, CA,  USA

Martha Mendoza   Baldwin Park, CA,  USA

Mayra Ramirez  Laguna Hills, CA, USA

Melissa Miller-Harris   Boise, ID,  USA

Mercedes Villalobos   La Puente, CA,  USA

Mia Magistro   Orem, UT,  USA

Michael Jude Lopitz   Grandville, MI,  USA

Michael Weekes   Orem, UT,  USA

Mike Battistelli   Woodstock, GA,  USA

Mirna Velasco   Victorville, CA, USA

Nanci Bottcher   Littleton, CO,  USA

Nephi Wayman   Salt Lake City, UT,  USA

Pam & Ron Anderson  Locust Grove, OK, USA

Patty Hanson   Billings, MT,  USA

Paul and Carol Beck   Tulsa, OK,  USA

Paula Siegmann   Rubicon, WI,  USA

Randy Baptiste   Hollywood, FL,  USA

Rich Stocks   Poplar Bluff, MO,  USA

Rita Batarse  Santa Ana, CA, USA

Robert Banks Jr.   Baltimore, MD,  USA

Rosalba Hernandez, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Rosa Rueles  Frisco, TX, USA

Sean & Annelise Brown  Cedar Hills, UT, USA

Silvia Rojas   Oxnard, CA,  USA

Tabitha and Jacques Durand  Hallandale Beach, FL, USA

Ted Soriano   Lakeside, CA,  USA

Teresa Ramirez   Pico Rivera, CA,  USA

Theodore Anderson   Burnsville, MN,  USA

Trevor Silvera   Baldwin Park, CA,  USA

Wilfred and Sandra Pharaoh   North Lauderdale, FL,  USA

Zik and Jerri Stewart   Bluffton, SC,  USA



3 Star Executive

Please note: this list is updated the 20th of each month with the previous month's rank advancements. 

Abdulsater Magid  Saint Laurent, QC, CANADA

Alonzo Powell   Irvine, CA,  USA

Andy & Phyllis Anderson   Las Vegas, NV,  USA

Anthony Medeiros   Belleville, NJ,  USA

Barry Burns   Los Angeles, CA,  USA

Ben Ball   Idaho Falls, ID,  USA

Brian House   Georgetown, KY,  USA

Carlos Antonio Lopez Abad   Montermorelos, NUEVO LEON,  MEXICO

Carrie Bruder   New Prague, MN,  USA

Cathy (Bong) Eun   Homebush, NSW,  AUSTRALIA

Cheryl Swain   Billings, MT,  USA

Chip Kinsey   Cerritos, CA,  USA

Dale Johnson   Paducah, KY,  USA

Dan Praytor   Shreveport, LA,  USA

Dave Byers   New Boston, MO,  USA

Deyma Hernandez   Burlington, WA, USA

Donna Steffens   Las Vegas, NV,  USA

Dr. Steve Kumar   Auckland, ,  NEW ZEALAND

Eduwiges Osuna   Van Nuys, CA, USA

Felipe Cusanero   Bell, CA, USA

Gerald Anderson   Sandy, UT,  USA

Heidi Jackson   Calgary, AB,  CANADA

Henry Briggs   Auckland, ,  NEW ZEALAND

Iyabunmi Moore   Ellicott City, MD,  USA

Jack Grossman   Mooresville, NC,  USA

Jennifer Saltzman   Kirkland, WA, USA

John DeHart   Sandy, UT,  USA

Kelly Barquin   Roswell, GA,  USA

Kevin and Leia Anderson   Bluffdale, UT,  USA

Krista Andersen   Orem, UT,  USA



Leticia Flores Barajas   Orange Cove, CA,  USA

Lisa Branch   Millarville, AB,  CANADA

Lisa Nelson   Saratoga Springs, UT,  USA

Lourdes Villacorta   Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Marco & Adriana Nunez   Los Angeles, CA, USA

Michel Pensivy   Ste-Julie, QC,  CANADA

Monique Vaughn   Dallastown, PA,  USA

Nadine Thompson   Exeter, NH,  USA

Patrice Eveld     Lutz, FL, USA

Paul and Vaso Kroto   Depew, NY,  USA

Randy & Brenda Peterson   Cleburne, TX, USA

Randy Steen   Centerton, AR,  USA

Ranjit Kaur-Powell   Irvine, CA,  USA

Rebecca Rohrer   Lakeland, FL,  USA

Richard Renton   Washougal, WA,  USA

Robert Privette   Wendell, NC,  USA

Stan Dennison   Norman, OK,  USA

Susan Gubler   Saint George, UT,  USA

Virginia Dixon   San Clemente, CA,  USA

Vivian Wayman   Draper, UT,  USA



2 Star Executive

Please note: this list is updated the 20th of each month with the previous month's rank advancements. 

Abdou-Malik Yacoubou Adam   Baltimore, MD,  USA

Abel Perez Avalos   Uruapan, Michoacan, MEXICO

Adam & Melisa Hendrickson   Richfield, UT,  USA

Adam And Kelly Lynch   Ottawa, KS,  USA

Adelina Suarez   Tamarac, FL, USA

Agripina Vasquez    Los Angeles, CA, USA

Albert Davis   Sumter, SC,  USA

Alexandra Alvarez   Glendora, CA, USA

Alice Allen   Santa Clara, UT,  USA

Allison Knell   Orem, UT, USA

Aloysius Goodman   St. Croix, VI,  USA

Amado Osorio    Anaheim, CA, USA

Amanda & Cesar Barrera   Panorama City, CA,  USA

Amie Austin   San Clemente, CA,  USA

Amy Storch   Lakeville, MN,  USA

Ana Dutto   Apple Valley, CA,  USA

Ana Maria Holguin   Col. Obrera, Chihuahua,  MEXICO

Andrea Beauman   Haslett, MI,  USA

Andrea Guillen    Cudahy, CA, USA

Andrew & Sue Harley   Evergreen, CO,  USA

Anestine Etienne    Christiansted, VI, USA

Angela O'Connor   Coral Springs, FL,  USA

Angela Soriano   San Diego, CA,  USA

Angelia Williams Chancellor   Desoto, TX,  USA

Angelina Castillo   Anaheim, CA,  USA

Angelle Batten   Brighton, MI,  USA

Angie Quinlan   Draper, UT,  USA

Ann & Calvin Martin   Glendora, CA,  USA

Anne Parks   Allentown, PA,  USA

Annelise Brown    Cedar Hills, UT, USA

Annie Newman   Indianapolis, IN,  USA

Annie Trajlinek   Sandown, NH,  USA

Anthony Boone   Sanford, NC,  USA

Anthony Jaques   El Cajon, CA,  USA

Anthony Stroman   Jonesboro, GA,  USA

Anthony Thomas   Gwynn Oak, MD,  USA

Aristea Vazquez   West Palm Beach, FL, USA

Arnold Chance   Dunn, NC,  USA

Arturo Moreno   Cypress, CA, USA

Barbara Carter   Cooleemee, NC,  USA

Barbara Lukehart   El Cajon, CA,  USA

Barbi Miller   Big Sandy, TN,  USA

Barnetty Kushner   Shoreline, WA, USA

Becky Gaines   Apex, NC,  USA

Becky Phillips   Milton, WI,  USA

Belinda Deese   Dublin, GA,  USA

Benjamin Fuchs   Boulder, CO,  USA

Bernadette Trafton   Derry, NH,  USA

Bernard Owens Sr.   Erin, NY,  USA

Bertha Quintero Salvador Saavedra   -, CA,  USA

Bertha Ramirez   Modesto, CA,  USA

Beth Campbell   Salt Lake City, UT,  USA

Betty Hines   Dearborn, MI,  USA

Betty Kincaide   Montgomery, AL,  USA

Beverly Drewery   Los Angeles, CA,  USA

Bill And Miriam Yeager   Edmond, OK,  USA

Billy Thomas   Perry, GA,  USA

Blanca Castillo   La Habra, CA,  USA

Bob Or Dean Renfro   Diamond, MO,  USA

Boyce Mullis   Monroe, NC,  USA

Brian Patterson   Alta Loma, CA,  USA

Carl Casale   Toronto, ON,  CANADA

Carl Pierson   Batavia, IL,  USA

Carl Stanitzky   , LA,  USA

Carlos & Perla Villalobos   La Puente, CA,  USA

Carlos Perez   South Gate, CA,  USA

Carlos Villalobos, Sr.   La Puente, CA,  USA

Carmela Carrillo   Fresno, CA,  USA

Carmen Chavez   Santa Paula, CA,  USA

Carol And Allan King   New Market, TN,  USA

Carol Bishop   Waxahachie, TX,  USA

Carole Audette   Abington, MA,  USA

Carole Cuthill   Fayetteville, NC,  USA

Caroline Robbins   Zionsville, IN,  USA

Carrie Cameron   Rathdrum, ID,  USA

Catalina Villatoro   Dallas, TX,  USA

Cathy Miller   Dillsburg, PA,  USA

Charles Martindale Sr   West Monroe, LA,  USA

Charles Snyder Iii   Snellville, GA,  USA

Charmaine Murphy   Ada, MI,  USA

Cheryl Caulkins   Hillsdale, MI,  USA

Christie Dilemme   West Palm Beach, FL,  USA

Christopher Friel   Lakeland, FL,  USA

Claudia Orendain   El Paso, TX, USA

Claire Glenn   #7, KS,  Overland Park

Clifford & Malvina Scott   Columbia, SC,  USA

Conrad And Jaclyn Davis Suechting   Ontonagon, MI,  USA

Corkie Mann   Oak Island, NC,  USA

Craig Richard   Soldotna, AK,  USA

Csnc Inc   Beauport, QC,  CANADA

Cynthia & Rusty Wells   -, CA,  USA

Cynthia King   Sutton, MA,  USA

Cynthia Schaumburg   Langlois, OR,  USA

Cynthia Weaver   Newton, NC,  USA

D And G Solutions Llc   Republic, MO,  USA

Dale Mowry   Grand Rapids, MI,  USA

Dan Gibbons   Greenwood Village, CO,  USA

Dan Mcwright   Palm Bay, FL,  USA

Dan Pompa   Cranberry Township, PA,  USA

Daniel Eguren    Stittsville, ON, USA

Daniel & Irma Paredes   Ontario, CA,  USA

Daniel Mccoy   Moore, OK,  USA

Daniel Wilson   Sheboygan, WI,  USA

Darlene Hopkins   Hooker, OK,  USA

Dave King   Crete, NE,  USA

David And Anny Paredes   Rancho Cucamonga, CA,  USA

David And Rosemary Morley-Austin   Chino Valley, AZ,  USA

David Rutz   Shelby Township, MI,  USA

David Schlabach Jr   Clare, MI,  USA

David Stewart   Carefree, AZ,  USA

Debbie Rasmussen   Springville, UT,  USA

Deborah Mccollem   Winston Salem, NC,  USA

Deborah Turner   Doncaster E Yorkshir, UK,  ENGLAND

Deborah Walker   Arlington, TX,  USA

Debra Grant   Hebron, KY,  USA

Denise Duke   Jupiter, FL,  USA

Denise Eccher   Pebble Beach, CA,  USA

Dennis & Joyce Mccormick Enterprises   Hillsdale, MI,  USA

Dennis Manuel   Dunn, NC,  USA

Detriz Bowers   Pensacola, FL,  USA

Diana Wakefield   Missoula, MT,  USA

Diane Privette   Knightdale, NC,  USA

Dilma Rodriguez   Azusa, CA,  USA

Dominic Galati   Mount Pleasant, WI,  USA

Don Tick   Beverly East Yorks, UK,  ENGLAND

Donna  Owens   Erin, NY,  USA

Doug And Marianne Cunningham   Holland, MI,  USA

Doug Bennett   Raleigh, NC,  USA

Dowanna & Larin Cox   Hurricane, UT,  USA

Dr. Bettye Albritton   San Diego, CA,  USA

Dr. Carl Turner   Chicago, IL,  USA

Dr. Harold Maderazo Nd   Milwaukie, OR,  USA

Dr. Luis Carlos Grajeda   Chihuahua, Chihuahua,  MEXICO

Drf And Co   Goldsboro, NC,  USA

Duane Pergerson   Annapolis, MD,  USA

Eddie Vallejo   Bellflower, CA,  USA

Edgar Baeza    El Paso, TX, USA

Edgar Luna Guevara   Chilpancingo De Los Bravo, Guerrero, MEXICO

Edward Hirsch   Cambridge, MN,  USA

Elaine Vitito   Mckinney, TX,  USA

Elizabeth Robbins   Zionsville, IN,  USA

Ella Benjamin   Bishopville, SC,  USA

Elliott Nichols   Chula Vista, CA,  USA

Elnora Kirtley   Austin, TX,  USA

Elsner Nino   Downey, CA,  USA

Emma Verdugo   Garden Grove, CA,  USA

Eric Williams   Anthem, AZ,  USA

Ernestine Ray   Plantation, FL,  USA

Esther Mejia   Anaheim, CA, USA

Eugenie Chasme   Omaha, NE,  United States of America

Eureka Thompson   Chester, VA,  USA

Eva Durant   Bishopville, SC,  USA

Eva Kurtz   Middlebury, IN,  USA

Fairbell Pigford   Goldston, NC,  USA

Fidel Castillo   Taguig City, PHILIPPINES

Flor Maria Castillo   Los Angeles, CA, USA

Franco Pellegrino   Montreal, QC,  CANADA

Francois Flibotte   St-Basile, QC,  CANADA

Frank Hanson   Coos Bay, OR,  USA

Frank Taylor   Erwin, NC,  USA

Fredrick Robbins   Zionsville, IN,  USA

Freedom To Succeed   337 Greenhouse Rd., ,  Centerton

Gene Weaver   Newton, NC,  USA

George Maitland   Gresham, OR, USA

George Uzzell   Arnold, MD,  USA

Gerald Heisler   Oshkosh, WI,  USA

Gerardo Torres   Riverside, CA, USA

Gerise Vignaroli   Casper, WY,  USA

Gille Vachon Diane Leblond   St-Romuald, QC,  CANADA

Gina Demangos   San Diego, CA,  USA

Gloria Briceno   Walnut, CA,  USA

Gloria Godoy    Los Angeles, CA, USA

Gloria Gonzalez   Pico Rivera, CA,  USA

Gordon Miles   New York, NY,  USA

Gustavo Rivera   Long Beach, CA, USA

Hanne Hojsted   Blaine, WA,  USA

Hartman Andersen   Saint George, UT,  USA

Haruko Nishikawa   Morgan Hill, CA,  USA

Heath Clark   Highland, UT,  USA

Heidi Arave   Springville, UT,  USA

Helida Corral    Pheonix, AZ, USA

Hoagy Carmichael   Whitefish, MT,  USA

Honey Bee Holdings   Jessup, MD,  USA

Hyangmi Salonen   Los Angeles, CA,  USA

Illyrian Wolfstorm   Monroe, WA,  USA

Imade & Andrew Esuabanga   St. John, VI, USA

Inday Maderazo   Port Hueneme, CA,  USA

IQ Marketing 2   Glendora, CA, USA

Irene Huizar   Auburn, WA, USA

Irma Mendoza   Inglewood, CA, USA

Isis Morales   Springville,  UT,  USA

Jacob P Steele   Lehi, UT,  USA

Jaime Olibas   Downey, CA,  USA

Jaime Trullen & Sol A Tanon-Nieves   Wake Forest, NC,  USA

James & Johanna Baker   San Jose, CA,  USA

Jane Kelly   Westminster, CO,  USA

Janetta Anderson   Johnstown, CO,  USA

Janice Lane   Frisco, TX,  USA

Janis A Esannason   Christiansted, VI,  USA

Javier Nicolas   Bilbao, vizcaya,  SPAIN

Jay Viegh   Central, SUVA,  FIJI

Jeanette Murphy   Ada, MI,  USA

Jeannette Bianchi   Bristow, VA,  USA

Jeremy Bennett   Raleigh, NC,  USA

Jerry And Jolene Mapes   Pryor, OK,  USA

Jesse Eyman Iii   Maricopa, AZ,  USA

Jesse Pastor   Alhambra, CA,  USA

Jessica Miller   Carlsbad, CA,  USA

Jessikah Grossman   Mooresville, NC,  USA

Jim Wagner   Redding, CA,  USA

Joanna Overfelt   Tulsa, OK,  USA

Joanne Montague   Kellyville, NSW,  AUSTRALIA

John Costino   Bonita Springs, FL,  USA

Jon Bennett   Raleigh, NC,  USA

Jorge Javier Orozco   Chihuahua, Chihuahua,  MEXICO

Jose Alberto Flores   Downey, CA,  USA

Jose Cisneros    El Monte, CA, USA

Jose Funes   South Gate, CA, USA

Jose Luis Alvarado   Arlington, TX, USA

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Corzo   Bogotã¡, Bogotá Distrito Especial,  COLOMBIA

Jose Y Arana V   Cali, Valle Del Cauca,  COLOMBIA

Josefina Lopez   Azusa, CA,  USA

Joseph Proia   Framingham, MA,  USA

Joseph Zehr   Grabill, IN,  USA

Joshua Israel   Long Beach, CA, USA

Joshua Johnson   San Diego, CA,  USA

Joyce Ann Showers   Moreno Valley, CA,  USA

Juan Enoc Martinez   Santa Ana, CA, USA

Judith Bell   Bryan, TX,  USA

Judy Devilbiss   Tequesta, FL,  USA

Judy Jackson   North Miami Beach, FL,  USA

Julia Boone Baker   Indianapolis, IN,  USA

June & Frances Jackson   Houston, TX,  USA



Kate Brown Battistelli   Woodstock, GA,  USA

Kathleen Watson   Rocklin, CA,  USA

Kathy & Jerry Boone   New Plymouth, ID,  USA

Kenneth Panko   Jonesboro, GA, USA

Kenny Eisenhour   Harrisville, UT,  USA

Kevin & Leia Anderson   Bluffdale, UT,  USA

Kevin Grundy   Hamilton, ,  NEW ZEALAND

Kevin Martin   Galeton, CO,  USA

Kim Butler   West Palm Beach, FL,  USA

Kim Klassen   Red Deer, AB,  CANADA

Kristen Goodman   Naples, FL,  USA

Kristi Mazutinec   Stirling, AB,  CANADA

Kristie Grossman   Mooresville, NC,  USA

Kum Soo Lee   Phelan, CA,  USA

Kymberly Stoddard   Rexburg, ID,  USA

Lailah Harrigan   New York, NY, USA

Larry &  Deb Taylor   Leesburg, FL,  USA

Laura Hadland Feuer   Atlanta, GA,  USA

Lavon Miller   Middlebury, IN,  USA

Lawrence Cottingham   Louisville, KY,  USA

Leon Lane   Frisco, TX,  USA

Lifeworks Inc   Des Moines, IA,  USA

Linda Ivan   Candler, NC,  USA

Linda McCormick   Fort Collins, CO, USA

Lindsay C. Oswald   Lexington, SC,  USA

Lisa Barney   Colorado Springs, CO,  USA

Lisa Buldo   Teaneck, NJ,  USA

Lisa Nicarry   Fredericksburg, PA,  USA

Loraine Hunter   Fort Wayne, IN,  USA

Lorena Lizett Rios Baã±Os   Laredo, TX,  USA

Lorrie Curley   Chester, VA,  USA

Louann Ramey   Alvarado, TX,  USA

Louis Giannini   Waterford, WI,  USA

Louis Lattimore   Long Beach, CA,  USA

Lourdes Lara   Pomona, CA,  USA

Luis A.  Reyes   Norwalk, CA,  USA

Luis Fernando Avila Mora   Zapopan, JALISCO,  MEXICO

Luz Janeth Bernal   Chino Hills, CA,  USA

Luz Maria Soto   Whittier, CA,  USA

M. Shannon Murphy    Ada, MI, USA

Malchus Smith   West Park, FL,  USA

Malinda Pittman   El Cajon, CA,  USA

Manfred Raunigg    Takaka, ,  NEW ZEALAND

Manuel Heredia Rar   Tecamachalco, Puebla, MEXICO

Manuel Or Carol Lozano   Racine, WI,  USA

Marcel Bouchard   St- Raphadl, QC,  CANADA

Margarita Batista Arias   Chihuahua, Chihuahua, MEXICO

Margarita L. Munoz   Garden Grove, CA, USA

Mari Luz Jeronimo   Santa Ana, CA,  USA

Maria Beatriz  Aguirre Padilla   Edo. De Mexico, Edo. de Mexico,  MEXICO

Maria De La Luz Beltran   Anaheim, CA, USA

Maria Eugenia Robles   Mexico D.F., Mexico D.F.,  MEXICO

Maria Guardado   Fort Worth, TX, USA

Maria G. Lucatero   Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Maria Neli Ornelas   Los Angeles, CA,  USA

Maria Sierra   Los Angeles, CA, USA

Marianne Niehaus   Longmont, CO,  USA

Marie & Roderick Gregg   Anchorage, AK,  USA

Marie Gunther   Poway, CA,  USA

Mario Salazar   Round Rock, TX, USA

Mario Solis   Palmdale, CA,  USA

Marion D Jones   The Woodlands, TX,  USA

Marjorie Hatzinger   Grand Rapids, MI,  USA

Marjorie Hatzinger   Grand Rapids, MI,  USA

Mark Bruckschen   Manitowoc, WI,  USA

Marlo Rutz   Highland, MI,  USA

Martin M. Vazquez   Anaheim, CA, USA

Mary Ann Alford   Vero Beach, FL,  USA

Mary Briley   Boonville, IN,  USA

Mary Peevy   Bakersfield, CA,  USA

Mary Reguera   Miami, FL, USA

Mary Ritter   Pryor, OK,  USA

Maureen Feist   Grants Pass, OR,  USA

Maureen Solomon   Hempstead, NY,  USA

Meghan Esposito   Mars, PA,  USA

Mely Esquivel    Odessa, TX, USA

Mia Magistro   Orem, UT,  USA

Michel Pensivy   Ste Julie, QC,  CANADA

Michelle Falco   Kaysville, UT,  USA

Miguel Amaya Contreras    Distrito Federal, Distrito Federal, MEX

Miguela Escobar   Santa Ana, CA, USA

Mike Everett   Dallas, TX,  USA

Mike Filip    Camrose, AB,  CANADA

Mike Rednour   Louisville, KY,  USA

Miriam Schwartz   Centreville, MI,  USA

Mohammed Omer   Burnsville, MN,  USA

Moises Herrera   Chandler, AZ, USA

N. Katharine Moreno   San Antonio, TX,  USA

Nan Davis   Mooresville, NC,  USA

Nancy D. Ropp   Ogden, UT,  USA

Nate Calima   Long Beach, CA,  USA

Nick Kapande   Evergreen, CO, USA

Nicole Bennett   Raleigh, NC,  USA

Nikki Spurgiesz   Highlands Ranch, CO,  USA

Noah Siegmann   Iron Ridge, WI,  USA

Nuvi Magana   Santa Ana, CA, USA

Nykelle Pollastro   Benton, IL,  USA

Omar Davis   Austin, TX, USA

Odell Stamey   Mount Ulla, NC,  USA

Owen Brown   Wayne, PA,  USA

Pamela Terry   Dunn, NC,  USA

Pat Bowman   Stevens Point, WI,  USA

Patricia And John Barton   Roosevelt, UT,  USA

Patricia Mcmurry   Green Bay, WI,  USA

Patricia Spielman   Firestone, CO, USA

Patrick Deaton   Auburn, CA,  USA

Paul And Vaso Kroto   Depew, NY,  USA

Paul Stewart   Maraval, Trinidad,  TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

Paula Holden   Fouke, AR,  USA

Pedro Galvez   Sacramento, CA, USA

Peggy Riggins   Chicago, IL,  USA

Peter  Sulack   Knoxville, TN,  USA

Peter Mckay   Auburn, CA,  USA

Powerteam Global   Walnut, CA,  USA

Premiere Radio Networks Gn   Los Angeles, CA,  USA

Rafael Alvarez   Rockwall, TX,  USA

Rafael Miranda Picazarri   El Paso, TX, USA

Raghavalu Ramella   St. Joseph, West Indies, TRINIDAD

Ramon Zermeã±O Ramirez   Lindon, UT,  USA

Randall Jeffcoat   Bluffton, SC,  USA

Randall Trey Jeffcoat   Hilton Head Island, SC,  USA

Randi Shannon   Miami, FL, USA

Randy Decleene   Depere, WI,  USA

Ray Nelson   Heppner, OR,  USA

Reginald & Eloise Widgeon   Ashton, MD,  USA

Retail Store Product Fund   Santa Cruz, CA,  USA

Rhonda Bailey   Weaverville, NC,  USA

Rhonda White   Atlanta, GA,  USA

Richard Burnette   McDonough, GA, USA

Richard Cook   Jupiter, FL,  USA

Richard Myre   Edina, MN,  USA

Rick Bystra   Hales Corners, WI,  USA

Rick Voss   Orem, UT,  USA

Ricki Peltzman   Washington, DC,  USA

Robert & Isabel Medina   Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

Robert And Kim Gardner   Pomona, KS,  USA

Robert San Jose   Valley Center, CA,  USA

Roberto Gonzalez   Redwood City, CA,  USA

Robin And Bob Stewart   Spring Valley, OH,  USA

Robin Houghton   Alvarado, TX,  USA

Rodnick Villanueva   Chino Hills, CA,  USA

Rolando Vargas   Plant City, FL,  USA

Ron And Pam Anderson   Locust Grove, OK,  USA

Ron Badger   Henderson, NV,  USA

Ron Knowles   Newburgh, IN,  USA

Ron Pickel   Elm Creek, NE,  USA

Ronnie Magbanua   Burbank, CA,  USA

Ronnie Ward   Statesville, NC,  USA

Rosa Gutierrez   Corona, CA,  USA

Rose  Holmberg   Blaine, MN,  USA

Ruby James   Sumter, SC,  USA

Ruthie Norton   Buford, GA,  USA

S H   Owensboro, KY,  USA

Sabrina Copus   Peoria, AZ,  USA

Sally Winey   Southport, NC,  USA

Salomon Marchena   Pico Rivera, CA, USA

Salvador & Maria Sepulveda   Gardena, CA, USA

Sam Jones   Eastover, SC,  USA

Samantha Quinton   Creston, ID,  USA

Sandra Gurganus   Suffolk, VA,  USA

Sandra Vasquez   Downey, CA,  USA

Sandy Davis   Encinitas, CA,  USA

Sandy Davis   San Marcos, CA,  USA

Sarah V Lee   Pleasanton, CA,  USA

Santa Adrian Essenburg   Laguna Hills, CA, USA

Shaheed Harris   Sumter, SC,  USA

Shannon Sheridan   Menifee, CA,  USA

Shanon Morgan   -, OK,  -

Shar Dukart   Bismarck, ND,  USA

Sharon Davis   Hallsville, TX,  USA

Shary Bowman   Palm Springs, CA,  USA

Shawn Boan    Joplin, MO, USA

Shawn Driscoll   Ashland, MA,  USA

Sheri Meissner   Chili, WI,  USA

Sherry Bell   Kyle, TX,  USA

Shirley Hodgins   Mooretown, MI,  CANADA

Siupeli  Tuitupou       Auckland, ,  NEW ZEALAND

Socorro Trejo   Elkhart, IN,  USA

Sonia Malagon   Santa Paula, CA, USA

Stan Brown   Charlotte, NC,  USA

Stefanie Stavola   Norwalk, CT,  USA

Stephanie Mestas   Commerce City, CO,  USA

Steve And Diane Blackburn   Arvada, CO,  USA

Steve Dillow   Las Vegas, NV,  USA

Sue Ellen Dickinson   Fort Walton Beach, FL,  USA

Susan Resner   Indianapolis, IN, USA

Susan Sargent   Salt Lake City, UT,  USA

Tatania Corea   Los Angeles, CA, USA

T.J. Walker   Henderson, NV,  USA

Tanya Perrett   Okotoks, AB,  CANADA

Tejido Soriano   San Diego, CA,  USA

Terrence Hawkins   Harrisburg, NC,  USA

Terri Jackson-Carson   Coral Springs, FL,  USA

Theresa Gregory   Mt. Vernon, OH,  USA

Thomas And Shirley Baggett   Godwin, NC,  USA

Thomas Ropp   Jamesport, MO,  USA

Timothy Williams   Bakersfield, CA,  USA

Timothy Vizzari   Lutz, FL, USA

Tom  Newman   Tulsa, OK,  USA

Tom And Lany Sharp   Oakley, KS,  USA

Toni Coleman-Brown   Far Rockaway, NY,  USA

Tony Mihalis   Martinsville, IN,  USA

Travis Reeves   Madison, MS,  USA

Troy And Regina Robinson   Columbia, SC,  USA

Trudy E Anderson   Washington, UT,  USA

Ursuline Joseph   St. John, VI, USA

Valentyna Gregg   West Columbia, SC,  USA

Valerie Nielsen   Riverton, UT,  USA

Vetta Simeonidis   Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

Violet Voss   Hurricane, UT,  USA

Virginia Kelly   Portland, OR,  USA

Wade Cordell   Lexington, SC,  USA

Wayne Lawton   Lanham, MD,  USA

Wendimere Reilly   Davenport, FL,  USA

Wendy Matthews   Stittsville, ON,  CANADA

William Alward   South Carrollton, KY,  USA

Willie J Richardson   Baltimore, MD,  USA

Zbigniew Ostas   Mississauga, ON,  CANADA

Zvone And Lisa  Vodnik Lane    Whangarei, ,  NEW ZEALAND



Car Bonus Earners

Youngevity's Car Bonus is available to SEMD and higher ranks who qualify. If you are receiving the car bonus, you can submit your photo to marketing@youngevity.com to have it included in this recognition list. 

Ken Smith

Wendy Matthews

Juanita Duckett

Jim Ramm

Joyce Cordell

Mike McMillen

Marilyn Gorby-Painter

Cheryl A. Cormier

Dan & Mylissa Graham

Paul & Vaso Kroto

Dr. Harold Davis

Larene & Dan Williamson

Melvin Huges

Chris Sanchez

Terry & Edna Bassett

Robert Banks Jr.

Marina R. Williamson

Ted & Debra Okolichang

Myrna Morales

Randy & Shannon Cary

Steve & Diane Blackburn

Keith Abell

Rick & Robin Brown

Naseema Omer

Leonor & Edwin Peraza

Pamela Anne Schwarz

Jody Waterman

Fred Van Lieu

Debi Lee

Richard Renton

Brandy Brogdon

Ted Anderson

George Uzzell

Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza

Scott & Juliette Fardulis

Ted Soriano

Raymond & Yolanda Brown

Nephi Wayman