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Our Earth provides us with precious resources that should be protected, maintained, and preserved. In the spirit of spring and getting a fresh start, we’re celebrating Earth Day with an amazing bundle!

Between now and Sunday, April 30th, you can save on products for yourself, or earn direct cash back rewards, when you reach out and sell to others.

Swap Where You Shop

We're offering a limited time bundle for Distributors and customers alike. This bundle can help you save on the enviromentally-friendly products you love! Plus, you'll earn direct cash back as a reward when you reach out and sell bundles to your personally-enrolled downline and customers.

Here’s how the cash back rewards work:

Bundles Sold Reward Per Bundle Sold Total Cash Reward
1 $15 $15
2 $15 $30
3 $15 $45
4 $15 $60
5 $30 $150
6+ $30 $180+


But don’t keep all this to yourself – tell some friends!

As an enrolling Distributors, for the first four bundles purchased by your personally-enrolled downline, preferred customers, or new enrollees (including bundles purchased by your directly enrolled Distributors), you’ll get $15 each in direct cash back. That’s $60 in cash rewards for four sales. When you sell a fifth bundle, not only will we raise the cash back amount to $30 each, we’ll apply it to the first four bundles as well. So, the $60 you earned for four sales becomes $120, plus an additional $30 for the fifth sale. That’s a total of $150 in cash back rewards for five sales, and with each additional sale, you’ll receive an additional $30.

Don’t wait: this exclusive offer is good only through SUNDAY, April 30th!

Inspired by Earth Day

Inspired by Earth Day

$181.35 W/S ($256.79 Retail) value for just $99

Nourish, restore, and cultivate with this Earth Day-themed bundle! Enjoy the benefits of organic, fair trade coffee, natural cleaners, mineral-infused gardening supplies, and more.

  • $99 W/S
  • 25 BV
  • 100 QV

# USYG201712

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Why you'll LOVE this bundle:

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in America! With more than 13 million food gardeners growing their own produce in the U.S., there’s never been a better time for products like Youngevity’s Bloomin Minerals™ Soil Revitalizer, included in this bundle. Learn more about the benefits of organically-grown produce and how to create your own nutrient-rich garden!

Here's how you can use this great bundle to take your business to the next level:

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